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These are documents that depict what HURINET-U has accomplished in successive years

Annual Report 2015

Some of the key results as highlighted in the Annual report 2015 are in the areas of campaign on the NGO operating environment where extensive advocacy was done on the NGO Bill 2015, the role of security in the electoral process, police accountability and security sector reform, access to information, and campaign on ESCR. Furthermore, results were also registered in our engagements with the regional and international mechanisms especially around shadow/alternative reporting, monitoring and documenting state compliance, CSO participation in the NAP and UPR processes. Additionally, our efforts in the curriculum development process with the NCDC led to the development of the human rights extracts, orientation of teachers and trial testing of the materials in selected schools across the country. Read more 



Annual Report 2014

hurinetanaulreport2014The year 2014 was a remarkable year where HURINET–U celebrated its 20th anniversary of dedicated service for the promotion and protection of human rights in Uganda. It was also a moment of reflection and strategizing for the years ahead. However the year also witnessed a  number of developments that affected the implementation of activities. There was continued  clamp down on peaceful demonstrations in the guise of implementation of the Public  Order Management Act, as well as clamp down on political activities by opposition parties. This was associated with police brutality, arrests and detentions. There was also increased self censorship of the media this affecting media freedoms, journalist have continued  Read more


Annual Report 2013

2013annual reportDuring the reporting period 2013 a number of developments happened with a positive and negative effect on human rights and service delivery in Uganda The civil society operating environment has continued to be unfavorable for activism. Human rights defenders and CSOs working in the area of human rights and governance have continued to be attacked by suspected state agents. Attacks have been in form of threats, arrests, office break in and theft of equipments to disable their operations. Nineteen Black Monday activists were arrested for involvement in anti corruption campaigns, four offices broken into and valuable equipments and information lost. Read more





Annual Report, 2012

2012HURINET–U in the year 2012 embarked on a journey towards rolling out and implementation of the new strategic plan 2012–2016 that created five programming areas that included; Advocacy, Information Exchange and Resarch, Protection of Human Rights Defenders, International Criminal and Transitional Justice, Regional and International Mechanisms and Capacity Building and Network Development. A diversity of activities were implemented under these five programme areas. HURINET–U during this period together with the amalgamation of effort from its secretariat, member organizations and the wider civil society movement carried the agenda of a society free of human rights abuse.  Read more



Annual Report, 2011

2011annual reportHURINET-U pursues its mission mainly through three programmes. Within these programmes are various objectives which in turn are also achieved under the wide range of projects under taken. The report details these programmes and the project activities undertaken there under. The first part of the report details the Advocacy, Information & Research Program. This entails undertaking advocacy to influence public issues, policy and laws affecting human rights, governance and rule of law as well as responding to major assaults on Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) in Uganda.  Read more





Annual Report, 2010

2010The report provides insight into the stretch of activities that HURINET-U has implemented in pursuit of her strategic plan. The year 2010, contained some landmark events including the convening of the Review Conference of Rome Statute establishing the International Criminal Court (ICC whose significance resonated far and wide.
The secretariat worked on all four cylinders to ensure HURINET-U membership and the larger human rights fraternity participates in these events. HURINET-U, NPWJ and the Uganda Coalition for the International Criminal Court organized a number of activities before and during the review conference.  Read more

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60 Former Flying Squad operatives sent home

The Flying Squad has been on the frontline of fighting violent crimes like aggravated robberies, car thefts and kidnaps. Last month, Mr Okoth-Ochola restructured the Flying Squad and reverted its former commandant, Mr Herbert Muhangi to general duties, which is a lower responsibility. Read more