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The programme aims at ‘Influencing Policy through global advocacy’. It will entail engaging the state on ratification and implementation of UN and other international treaties. This will involve advocacy at the UN, the African Union, and the East African Community. Human Rights Network-Uganda will engage in submitting shadow reports, and ensuring that reports are submitted by the state. Emphasis will also be put on the fight against impunity through advocacy for an effective international criminal justice that will include a campaign for an effective international criminal court and other international criminal justice interventions. The last limb of the program will aim at creating effective post conflict transformation through effective justice and peace intervention measures.

Overall Objective

To engage the state and other supranational bodies on the ratification, domestication, and implementation of international treaties and other instruments especially those relating to promoting accountability and ending impunity after conflict.



1. Uganda Coalition on the International Criminal Court (UCICC)

The Uganda Coalition on the International Criminal Court (UCICC) was formed by the HURINET-Uganda in 2004. Since inception, the UCICC has a membership of over 100 both NGOs and CBOs country wide. The Coalition was formed at a time when Ugandans had publically criticized and threatened to undermine the work of the International Criminal Court (ICC) into the investigation of the situation in Northern Uganda. At that time HURINET-U organized a workshop to bring together various key players in civil society, government and international community to map out as well as endorse a strategy to be used in the campaign for the ICC in Uganda.

The UCICC has two core objectives;

To sensitize and clarify on the role of the ICC and

Create a platform for debate on the ICC.

2.Synergy for peace and Justice

The project “Synergy for Peace and Justice in Uganda” was initiated in 2009 with original focus on Northern Uganda during the LRA insurgency.
Since 2009, given Uganda’s history marked by turbulence and instabilities, the project focus had to be widened to cover all the regions of the country.
Uganda going trough turbulence for a long time, making compromises on justice with perpetrators of mass atrocities has been an integral part of peace negotiations in ending conflicts. The immediate concern of ending the violence often resulted in amnesties for war crimes and crimes against humanity, sometimes even presenting the calls for justice as obstacles to peace.
It is against that above backdrop that peace actors and human rights actors have risen to try and uncover the feelings of bitterness with the aim of restoring the rule of law and respect for fundamental human rights.


The project covers the entire country with major attention on paid to peace building, national reconciliation and respect for human rights promotion in the war torn regions of uganda namely;
Rwenzori region, Eastern Uganda ,Karamoja and the oil region of Bunyoro. The project targets CSOs, Citizens, Political parties, grassroots communities youth and women.


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